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  1. FS: JL Audio 12W7 sub

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  2. DFW High Noon v2.0 Results (w/pics)

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    Here is a list of all the different speakers we had to mess with. Tweeters: -ScanSpeak Illuminator (small) -Morel MDT12 (didn't have time to play with these) -Hybrid Audio L1Pro -Hybrid Audio L1v2 -Tweeter X (what racer X has in his car when driving against Speed Racer) -Critical Mass T1-A...
  3. Can we quit using "SQ" in every post and thread?

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    I mean, I know this forum focuses on that rather than SPL, but maybe we drive the point home so much that noobs feel the need to mention it every chance they get and it's getting kind of annoying actually. Every post it seems is like this: "Need a SQ amp", "What's the most SQ subwoofer", "What...
  4. Dash mount subwoofer/midbass in Firebird SQ help!

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    Hello, I have a sq car I have competed with the last couple of years. It is a 1998 Pontiac Firebird (which is a challenge itself). I have 7" Midbass in the doors, 4" midrange and 1" tweets off the a-pillar and a 10" sub in the rear. My question is about putting a 8" sub in the dash or...
  5. 2x DIYMA R12 /// JL AUDIO 300/2 BLACK .. 2x 8w7

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    Hey guys, just getting rid of some excess audio equipment. I have two DIYMA r12's. One has been played ONCE for about 5-10 minutes. The other is brand new in box. 115$ Shipped/per to your door. I also have a Brand new in box JL audio 300/2 Limited edition black. 210$ Shipped...