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  1. FS: Brax 1.1 Tweeter (Mint) and Brax 3.1 Midrange (Used)

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    FS: Brax 1.1 Tweeter (Mint) and Brax 3.1 Midrange (Used) Price: $750 (Price includes Shipping and PayPal Fees) Shipping: Via FedEx Gnd - Direct Signature Required Brax 1.1 (Mint) - Mint condition set of tweeters comes with factory wood enclosure and tool. See the attached pictures. Brax 3.1...
  2. help with tuning my first SQ build

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    i am building my first SQ setup and i am still new to tuning more then just using a 40hz tone and DD-1 and I wanted to ask about time alignment and tuning... okay first my build front : illusion audio Electra E6 6.5 components (crossover and woofer only)- active zapco I force tweeters- active...
  3. FS: JL Audio 12W7 sub

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  4. DFW High Noon v2.0 Results (w/pics)

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    Here is a list of all the different speakers we had to mess with. Tweeters: -ScanSpeak Illuminator (small) -Morel MDT12 (didn't have time to play with these) -Hybrid Audio L1Pro -Hybrid Audio L1v2 -Tweeter X (what racer X has in his car when driving against Speed Racer) -Critical Mass T1-A...
  5. Dash mount subwoofer/midbass in Firebird SQ help!

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hello, I have a sq car I have competed with the last couple of years. It is a 1998 Pontiac Firebird (which is a challenge itself). I have 7" Midbass in the doors, 4" midrange and 1" tweets off the a-pillar and a 10" sub in the rear. My question is about putting a 8" sub in the dash or...
  6. 2x DIYMA R12 /// JL AUDIO 300/2 BLACK .. 2x 8w7

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    Hey guys, just getting rid of some excess audio equipment. I have two DIYMA r12's. One has been played ONCE for about 5-10 minutes. The other is brand new in box. 115$ Shipped/per to your door. I also have a Brand new in box JL audio 300/2 Limited edition black. 210$ Shipped...