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    In celebration of 50,000 likes!!! We are doing a little promotion. Use coupon code: SSA50KFB @ SoundSolutionsAudio's Online car audio store! Best prices, products and customer service. Fast shipping to US, Canada and More!! until 8/31/15 for 10% off and SSA Icon, SSA Xcon, SSA Zcon, or SSA Evil.
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    We had a pair of guys go to Bass Boxing world finals with Zcon 15's in their trucks, and this was the results..... Huge Congrats to Nic Watts and Zach Metts. I like to say that it's not bad for a no-name SQ internet brand. ;)
  3. Vendor Deals
    The Zcon is a compliment our Xcon. In the past we were working on this driver with a different design, but at the time decided to push forward on the Xcon. A VERY brief idea behind this driver is: The Zcon is a serious daily driver. Not intended as an SPL competition sub woofer, but can be...
1-3 of 3 Results