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  1. Static Noise From JL Fix86

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Been working on an install on my '19 Civic for a few weeks now. I decided to run a JL Fix86 to clean the signal and fix the bass roll-off that is built into the Factory HU. After getting everything set up and multiple attempts/tweaks I consistently get a constant static noise coming from...
  2. Help with White Noise / Static in Front Speakers with 4-channel AMP

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Ok so i had installed a cheap pair of component speakers last month with a very cheap amp. Well the tweeters had static, so i thought it was the amp or speakers. I recently purchased a set of Morel Maximo 6's and a MB Quart ONX4.80 AMP. Well guess what the static is still there. The White...
  3. Quiet audio from Pioneer AVH-P3400BH

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello, I was putting an AVH-P3400BH stereo (circa 2013) into my niece's 2010 Impala (standard audio, no BOSE). instead of using the standard gray/white/purple/green cabled that you have to splice, the wiring harness I got had a much cleaner option of using the RCA connections to use (There's a...
  4. Volume pot static and noise

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I installed a Nexus 7 in my car, and I decided I wanted to install a volume knob since the on screen volume adjustment doesn't work well while driving, and other users struggle to change the volume using the volume rockers. Basically I have a bluetooth receiver linked up to my N7, then the...
  5. Intermittent Static from Tweets

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I am experiencing an intermittent static/scratchy sound from my tweets. My system is comprised of the following: - Pioneer AVX4000 head unit w/ DVD bypass patch - JL HD900.5 - Polk MM 6501 (front) - Polk MM 651 (rear) - JL 13TW5 Stealthbox - JL Core Audio Connects RCA's - Monster speaker wire...
  6. Help With Hissing Noise

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello all I just installed my car audio setup and I could use some help with this hissing noise only when the car is on. First of all here is the setup I got in my stock Honda Accord with 'premium' sound system. Stock HU EQ - NVQ PPI ION Amp Front Components - JBL MS-62C Rear Woofers - Rockford...
  7. Static in system - using MS-8

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi all, Just finished installing the infamous jbl ms-8 in my ram r/t. I was very impressed with the system at first, until turnin up the volume to a moderate, not loud volume and blew my 3" and tweeter on the right side. Upon inspection I discovered I had some static in my signal somewhere...
  8. Speakers popping, need help. I know this has been asked to death

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Just recently my speakers have been making a popping noise, it occurs randomly at all volume levels. I know this problem has other posts and ive tried everything. I tried new grounds, i took a dremel to the bolt, nut, and metal to try and get the best connection. My gains on the AQ 4 channel are...