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sub woofer
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  1. DIYMA - SPL Forum
    Anyone have information about impedance-drops in subwoofers burning out amps. Tru-Billet 4.100 with bridged C and D channels took a burn from a J&L W6, and I'm looking to learn more about the issue. Relative n00b, but slowly accumulating data. directions to links to relevant pages appreciated...
  2. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    So I just bought an 06 Kia Spectra5 and I was looking to put some Thump in the Trunk. The only thing is, I don't want to sacrifice space... So I was wondering if anyone has made or knows of someone who makes Pre-Fabricated Sub-woofer enclosures for between the rear Fender Well and the...
  3. Vendor Deals
    They are a sweet match up for anyone wanting excellent sound from their sub's with out wanting to break the bank or their windshield. As proven by plenty of people, the SAX-125.2 has more then enough power for sub duty, and the Dcon's have shown to surprise in the output department in ported...
41-43 of 43 Results