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  1. IDMAX12 Sealed Enclosure Size?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I'm building my sealed box for my single IDMAX12 in the next couple days and I'm trying to decide on how big to make it. The spec sheet from Image Dynamics has a compact recommendation of .65 ft3, universal/recommended of 1.0 ft3, and an audiophile recommendation of 1.8 ft3. I'm deciding between...
  2. Sub Box design- Port, numbers, trying to solve this!

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I am building a box for an Image Dynamics ID12 D4. My current system has a great top end down to the woofers- nice and punchy all around... but I want to add low "rumbly" frequencies. I have an amp that matches my sub's RMS, and had a 1.7 cu ft box that sounded great but doesn't fit in the trunk...
  3. How to Build a Custom Subwoofer Box Tutorial

    How-To Articles Provided by our members
    Hello and welcome to my version of the “How to Build a Custom Subwoofer box Tutorial”. This tutorial aims to teach you not only how to create a subwoofer box but how to add additional styling and design to make it a one of kind masterpiece. This is a four part tutorial series; a brief...