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subwoofer size

  1. Subwoofer size

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hi everyone! Again, still working on my CRV 2012 audio project, and today is about the subwoofer size. I´m actually running an Arc 8D2 subwoofer (2 ohm dual voice coils ArcAudio) at 4 ohms on a sealed enclosure of 0.35 cuft and sounds nice on the trunk firing up but.... only if you are parked...
  2. Myth: More cone area = deeper/"slower" bass

    Car Audio Truth, Myths & Industry Dogma
    This I hear frequently from dabblers and laymen. May we start an official thread on quashing these two myths? Let me start: "15's go deeper than 12's" I think this myth is due to the fact that sometimes more cone area sometimes does correlate to lower frequency extension. For example, the...