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  1. General Car Audio Discussion
    Anyone who has had or has some scanspeak illuminator (d3004-6020) knows about how fragile the terminals are on them. I broke the positive off on one accidentally and played around with it, fixed it pretty decently and then managed to break off again when installing it back in my sails along with...
  2. Car Audio Classifieds
    2 3 4 5 & 9-Pin Speaker / Power Plugs ORION AUDIOCONTROL FOSGATE ADS MMATS ZAPCO etc Product Brand & Model: 2-Pin, 3-Pin, 4-Pin, 5-Pin, 9-Pin Speaker/Power/Remote Plugs Condition of all items: Brand New Total Price: : $5 each shipped Shipping Terms: : Free its on me Pictures: -...
  3. General Car Audio Discussion
    This seems like a no brainer to me but I was curious if there were any drawbacks: I have a JL Audio XD700/5 amp that accepts speaker wire without any terminals on it (aka bare ends). Should I solder the bare ends of the speaker wire that will eventually be placed in their respective terminals...
1-3 of 3 Results