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  1. FS: AUDISON THESIS TH10 BASSO subwoofer and TH6.5 SAX midbass

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    Product Brand & Model: 1. Audison Thesis TH10 Basso subwoofer 2. Audison Thesis TH6.5 Sax mid-bass (pair) Condition of all items: 1. Very excellent shape, both functionally and mechanically. Some scuffing near Audison logo of outer grille, caused by installer. Includes retail box...
  2. Mustang S197 Convertible spare tire single sub: Audison AV10 or TH10 Basso?

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hello all, I'm trying to decide on the best subwoofer for my particular installation. I already own a pair of Audison AV10 Voce subs, but I'm flexible about upgrading to a Thesis TH10 Basso if it will improve SQ. My subs are currently in a sealed enclosure, aimed toward the rear of the trunk...
  3. For Sale: Audison Thesis TH10 Basso

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    Ok everyone, I just got laid off work and I can't afford to finish up my system in my car so I'm selling my Audison TH10 Basso in perfect condition. I originally had 2 and sold one and now I'm forced to sell the other one. The sub will come in the original box just doesn't have protective foam...
  4. For Sale: Audison Thesis TH10 Basso!

    Car Audio Classifieds
    I'm selling Audison Thesis TH10 Basso in excellent condition. Condition I would rate a 9/10. You just need to get 4 screws from hardware store for the grille. I initially bought 2 of these but I only have the need for one. Therefore, I'm keeping one and selling the other to benefit someone...