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  1. +++ Phoenix Gold OUTLAW 1845 +++ ONE BADASS AMP

    Phoenix Gold OUTLAW 1845 Limited Edition 1 of 1600 Made Auction Ends Sunday Night Phoenix Gold Outlaw 1845 Limited Edition NO RESERVE: eBay Motors (item 130423838717 end time Aug-29-10 18:38:50 PDT) This is one Badass old school collectors piece It's in...
  2. OS Phoenix Gold ZX475ti Amplifier

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    Phoenix Gold ZX475ti Amplifier - $160 SHIPPED Purchased via CA forums just over a yr ago. Nice SQ amp, good clean power, flexible crossover (can even do active, although I never used it for that). I'm an old school soundstream guy and just picked up a rubicon to go w/ my refs - so I've decided...