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  1. Remote Turn On Lead Not Working

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi all, I just installed my first sound system over the weekend. Aftermarket radio, front component speakers, an amp for the speakers, and an under seat powered subwoofer. When I turned my car on after the install, the radio turned on but the amp and sub did not. Here is what I have done so...
  2. Tweeters whining noise?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I just installed my new audio system. Amp:Pioneer GM-D9065 5 Channel Amp Front Speakers: Polk Audio DB6501 Component Back Speakers: Polk Audio DB521 Coaxial Sub: Not yet installed It sounds great, until I drive for a good amount of time, then the front driver side tweeter stops working and...
  3. I think my head unit just died.

    General Car Audio Discussion
    My HU is a JVC KW-NT3HDT. Last night I listened to the radio while waiting to exchange keys with my wife. She called me on the way home because the radio wouldn't cut on. This morning I check the car's fuse for the radio and got 12.x volts on both sides. I also checked the fuse on the back...
  4. Breaking in the jbl ms-62c's

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello I am new to diyma but have read many forums and tried the advice of various circumstances in setting up systems offered by members on here. So I finally have a suitable question... Advice would be greatly appreciated. I'll be as descriptive as I can. I recently installed my system running...
  5. Front stage troubleshooting.

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I recently put a car back on the road after a mild rebuild. Front stage is some PG RSD5CS components. I have a Cadance TXA 3004 running the front stage and sub. Head unit is a Alpine CDA-9886. It has an Alpine Type-R 12" in a spec ported box that seems to be functioning properly. The amp is...
  6. Rockford Fosgate p500-2 No Sound Troubleshoot

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey all, I took my sub out of my trunk and crossed the speaker leads in an overhand knot so they wouldn't touch each other. When I put my sub back in I got no sound. There is no protection light. No indications whatsoever the subs are getting a signal, via static/movement. The Wired remote's...
  7. Need troubleshooting advice! No sound.

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I have the following set-up in my car. Pioneer AVH-4100DVD h/u Polk Audio db6501 up front oem full range 6.5 in the back Stereo speakers are(were) powered by a RF Punch P4004. I have ran this setup flawlessly since January. About 2 mos ago the sound started cutting out (not even static to...
  8. Soundstream Rubicon CA 10.2 Issue

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey all, I recently purchased a Soundstream Rubicon Class A 10.2 and hooked it up today in my truck as a replacement to some older units. However, when powered up, it is set in high power mode, the clipping lights are on non-stop, and (of course) there is no sound output. The level/gains have...