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  1. Mustang S197 Convertible spare tire single sub: Audison AV10 or TH10 Basso?

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hello all, I'm trying to decide on the best subwoofer for my particular installation. I already own a pair of Audison AV10 Voce subs, but I'm flexible about upgrading to a Thesis TH10 Basso if it will improve SQ. My subs are currently in a sealed enclosure, aimed toward the rear of the trunk...
  2. False floor and sub box questions

    Fabrication, Tools & Tricks of the trade
    I have a G35 coupe and my trunk is super small. Mosty it's just really shallow. I want to take out my spare and lower the floor first and then I'll build a subwoofer box to fit nicely in the corner. For the in I'll be using either mdf or some good material but what should I use for the floor...
  3. need trunk subs

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    so I have a 1969 camaro (yes I know im ruining it) but I used to have 2 kicker cvr's ported running bridged off of a boss 1600 watt amplifier... surprisingly it hit really hard... but I sold it to a friend and im now looking for a new setup. im aiming for 12's in a decently cheap price range...
  4. What do I use to seal off my trunk?

    Fabrication, Tools & Tricks of the trade
    I want to seal off my trunk because it leaks on occasion, which i think I have fixed, and because I hear it will improve my bass response as well as reduce road noise. I'm not looking for sound deadening advice because I'm going to do that this summer and I know what to do about that. My...
  5. Deadening your trunk lid with spray foam

    How-To Articles Provided by our members
    Warning: ***DO NOT JUST STICK THE TUBE IN AND START SPRAYING UNTIL YOU SEE FOAM.*** Take a minute and read the product's instructions. I've read the horror stories about using expanding foam and it bulging out your body panels or it overflowed and got onto something and ruined it so you need to...
  6. Porting science question

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Lets say I attempt the experiment of porting my IB subs in my trunk. If I place a long smaller tube on the two vents to the outside for heating/cooling venting so they still function, such as 1.25" by 12" or longer, would they not tune or tune under 10Hz? The ports for the subs will be into the...