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tweeter mounting

  1. How to angle tweeters that don’t come with an angle-mount enclosure

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Right now I have tweeters mounted on my sail panels that came with a roughly ~45 degree angle-mount plastic enclosure. I would like to upgrade my tweeters to something I can cross much lower. Something like this (just an example): SB Acoustics SB29RDCN-C000-4 Neo Magnet, Ring Dome Tweeter But...
  2. tweeter mounting, rear deck of 02 Civic?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    What is the best way to mount the tweeters from a component speaker system onto the rear deck on a 02 Honda Civic? Because of the directionality of high frequencies, for best sound, I should be able to see the tweeters in my rearview mirror, correct?