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  1. WTB: Audio System Twister F4-380 (Aluminum Finish)

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    Product Brand & Model: Audio System Twister F4-380 I need this exact amp, not looking for any others at this time, thanks. :) Condition of all items: I need it to be in good cosmetic condition with no noticeable issues, as well as tested and functioning properly. Total Price: : Negotiable...
  2. Twister amp, Clarion active deck, Beyma SD-35 mids, Dayton 7s... all my extra stuff.

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    Product Brand & Model: Twister F2-190 Clarion DXZ785USB Beyma SD-35 dome midrange Dayton RS180-4 Condition of all items: Twister F2-190: Used but in great shape. I just got it as a partial trade from subiemax. This thing is really nice in person. The build quality is awesome. 100x2 of...