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  1. uConnect Harness

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Good Morning, All. I'm trying to help my wife's 2014 Jeep Cherokee out of audio delinquency. It has a uConnect 5.0 touch screen that I can't ditch due to the climate controls being integrated. I'd like to add a DSP to correct the weirdness coming out of the head unit but i'd like to do it...
  2. Current Head Units w/ Digital Output (Coaxial Preferred)

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello DIYMA members - I just bought a Helix DSP Pro (from a DIYMA member) and I am interested in optimizing the SQ possibilities of my setup. To do this I would like to utilize one of the DSP Pro's digital inputs, preferably the coaxial input over the optical due to the improved specifications...