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  1. SSA Store Holiday sale

    Vendor Deals
    We are having an extended holiday sale. SSA Holiday Sale !!! Adire SSA US Acoustics Boomtown Boxes ... more will be added
  2. US Acoustics USA2200 by Zed Audio

    I have this old US Acoustics USA2200 by Zed Audio. Sign of use but a lots of AB class power at reasonable price, more than [email protected] ohm per channel and more than [email protected] ohm bridge
  3. MMATS 6150, Diamond, Alpine, US Acoustics USA series, Kenwood

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: 1. MMATS 6150D 2. Alpine MRD-F752 3. US Acoustics USA-4050 4. US Acoustics USA-2200 5. Kenwood KAC-642 6. Diamond D5 600.2 (broken) Condition of all items: 1. As new, hooked up for testing. 10/10 Box and papers included. 2. Exterior a little rough in spots, as shown in...
  4. 2016 US Acoustics Pricing

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    US Acoustics has changed to an extremely competitive pricing structure for the new year. Check out the new for 2016 pricing on all US Acoustics amplifiers: SSA Store - US Acoustics amplifiers
  5. US Acoustics Lisa 4 channel amp

    Vendor Deals
    Check out some new product photos of the US Acoustics Lisa. Well done, straight forward 4 channel (4 x 50) for a great price. Should be the new go to for value focused active front stage. SSA Store - US Acoustics 4 channel amplifier
  6. US Acoustics Big Ben, Nick, and Lisa have arrived.

    Vendor Deals
    The new US Acoustics amplifiers have arrived. SSA Store - US Acoustics amplifiers Big Ben > 3500 watts x 1 @ 1ohm mono: SSA Store - US Acoustics Big Ben - Mono Block 3500 Watt amplifier Nick > 2500watts x 1 @ 1 ohm mono: SSA Store - US Acoustics Nick - Mono Block 2500 Watt amplifier Lisa >...
  7. US Acoustics Is Back And On The Ssa Store

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    US Acoustics is back and headed up by one of the engineers from the original USA series, check them out here: SSA Store - US Acoustics amplifiers Oh by the way, we are running a product launch sale on them right now. Only place you can get them for these prices.
  8. Chrome US Acoustics - USA Series USA2150

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Chrome US Acoustics - USA Series USA2150 Amp Product Brand & Model: US Acoustics by Zed Audio Condition of all items: Used, 9/10 condition. Not perfect, but very minor imperfections Total Price: : $200 shipped to Canada and the Lower 48 States. Shipping Terms: : Free Pictures: -...
  9. WTB: Pair of 10's for IB

    Car Audio Classifieds
    I have a setup in my dad's car with a pair of older JBL GT1000's running IB off of 100 watts of Zed Us Acoustics power, the spiders didn't last as long as I would've like. Maybe I should consider a subsonic filter. It's hard to find the GT1000's, and even if I did another set would most likely...
  10. FS: USA2100, USA2150, and USA4050

    Car Audio Classifieds
    I have for sale 3 zed built Usacoustics amplifiers for sale. I'll cover the paypal fees. (1) The USA2100 - [email protected] - Some scratches and performs flawless - 125+Shipping (2) The USA2150 - [email protected] - some scratches and performs flawless - 150+Shipping (3) The USA4050 - [email protected] - some...
  11. 06 Civic coupe : Slight change of plans

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    My primary goal is to re-gain as much trunk real-estate as possible and retain easy spare tire access. I decided to ditch the existing wooded amp rack, for a lighter weight and stronger, more compact false floor/amp-rack. To accomplish my goal, metal tubing had to be used, so i bought myself...