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  1. US Amps USA-100

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    Product Brand & Model: US Amps USA-100 2 Channel Amplifier - 1 ohm stable Rated at 100 x 2 (2ohm) or 315 x 1 (2ohm mono). Damping factor >400, S/N 102db Recommended fuse size 50 amps. Will realistically bench closer to 600 watts rms when bridged Condition of all items: Well-maintained...
  2. Amp sale Alpine V12, Phoenix Gold, Memphis, USAmps, Elemental Designs

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    Product Brand & Model: 1 Alpine MRV-F353 2 Phoenix Gold Tantrum 500.2 with homemade bass knob 3 Elemental Designs NINe.2x 4 US Amps iS2080 5 Memphis Pb100 Condition of all items: see pics 1 used tested works perfect 2 used tested works perfect 3 used tested works perfect 4 brand new in box...
  3. Resurrection, and the modification of US Amps

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello world! Longtime lurker, first time poster. A couple years ago, I took the plunge into custom mobile audio, and would never look back. While I was in college, I gutted the stereo in my WRX wagon, scrounged around for deals, fully damped and sealed the front doors, and finally installed the...
  4. Heads UP US AMPS TU-4360 back on Ebay

    This is my Tu-4360. I've included more info and more pictures of the actual amp for sell. Trust me when I say this. I've been in car audio since 1980when Hifonics and Orion were Gods and Alpine was king. I use tube audio in my home and never happier. This is the best amp I've owned and I've...
  5. US AMPS TU-4360 Tube/Hybrid

    US AMPS TU-4360 Tube/Hybrid 28hrs only On Ebay I have listed my favorite amp of all time. Have to sell. This is a chance to get a great amp for a substantial savings over what few 4360c are out there. $499 thats a pic of the internals of the amp for sell on my profile here. US AMPS...
  6. WTB US Amps USA-100

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    WTB small SQ amp or US Amps USA-100 Need a small SQ 2ch amp to run 2ohms on comps Paypal ready $100 or less shipped.I only want one that has the built in crossover do not care how it looks long as it works good.
  7. SSA Dcon + US Amps MD-21 combo's

    Vendor Deals
    US Amps Merlin MD-21 = SSA Dcon 10/12S4 combo deal: As I mentioned these in passing in the MD-21 topics, I got a moment to get them up on the SSA store:
  8. Group buy US Amps Merlin MD-21

    Vendor Deals
    MD-21 on SSA Store We are running a Group Buy on the US Amps Merlin MD-21 2-channel amplifier. It is the out going model, that is the reason we can do the group buy. This is a one time price of $165 shipped in the lower 48 states. Normal warranty still applies. :) Specs: PWR: [email protected]