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  1. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    So it's been a stressful day today; the gain on my amps been quite high for some time from my old head unit. I went to lower it so i can take advantage of the volume. Anyhow, turn the amp down a bit but I went to press play and for some reason the head unit shot up its volume to max; honesty it...
  2. Car Audio Classifieds
    WTB: WANTED! Silver Vibe Litebox 4 Litebox Product Brand & Model: Vibe Litebox 4 Litebox 4 or UBUY Piccolo 4x125 Condition of all items: Good Working conditon Total Price: : $100, pending history and physical, plus modest S&H Shipping Terms: : Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded...
  3. System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    looking to power JBL ms 52c speakers rated at 80 watts rms (and also a sub at 350 watts rms). which of those 2 channel amps is better? Any other suggestions?
  4. System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    hi, new here so open for suggestions.... ive been running high end audio for a while now, and have finally decided to rewire my power cables properly. over the years ive added amp, then sub, then amp etc etc, so i have 4+ powered cables from battery, plus remote cables (switched) for each...
  5. Member Reviews & Product Comparisons
    *Pics at bottom* SonicElectronix recently had a sale on Vibe gear and it lined up just right for me because I was building a budget system for my Lincoln. I scored 2 sets of these for $89 shipped each. Vibe is an uncommon brand here in the USA, and an underdog at that. Just up my alley. People...
  6. System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Who in here has EXPERIENCE with the VIBE Audio "LITE" amps (ARC ADUIO MINI CLONES ) Hello all, I have been doing alot of planning for the set up going into my S70. One thing I keep coming back to is giving up my search for a good clean RF P450.4 or P850.4 to match my P550.2 and to picking up...
1-6 of 6 Results