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  1. FS: Canon EOS 5D Mark III Camera Body & BG-E11 Vertical Grip (Not Car Audio)

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    Product Brand & Model: Very Lightly used Canon EOS 5D Mark III dSLR Camera Body & BG-E11 Vertical Grip Condition of all items: Gently Used in EXCELLENT Condition. Total Price: : $1650.00 Firm via Pay Pal if ~3% Fees are covered. Sorry, no "Gift" payments. I'm basically including the...
  2. Samsung's Homesync - an answer to adding streaming video to your system?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    So, I've been putting the pieces of my build together in my mind (along with purchases) and so far I have pretty much everything identified from a pure audio perspective.... amp, processor, speakers, sub, enclosure and platform layout. The piece that's been missing was video. I didn't want...
  3. How to keep factory steering wheel controls - Video

    How-To Articles Provided by our members
    Hello all! In today's day and age many vehicles have controls on the steering wheel for controlling functions and features of your factory sound system. Many are discouraged from moving to an aftermarket head unit for the sole reason that they would then lose these controls. Well fear no...
  4. Converting HDMI to AV

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi guys. My new adventure is to install a JVC KW-AV70BT in the old explorer. That headunit has av inputs, (red, white, yellow) cables. This cable: JVC KS-U30 USB Video Cable for iPod and iPhone: Car Electronics seems to transmit the Ipod video to the headunit, as well as sound...
  5. Can you output MS-8 display to a composite video in?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I am surprised this hasn't come up before, but I can't seem to find any references to it (maybe I'm just bad at searching). I just picked up an MS-8 to install in my wife's car and the one thing that has bothered me about it is that I really don't want to use the display. I kept thinking that...
  6. 7" Savv LM-A7030W LCD Monitor

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    Up for sale is a 7" SAVV LM-A7030W lcd monitor. I was going to use this for my Sarotech Multimedia player but decided to go a different route altogether. The unit is pretty much brand new, I hooked it up briefly to make sure it worked but other then that it's been kept in it's original box...