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  1. Guidance Required with my new audio build

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hello everyone:- I am currently planning my audio build and pretty much have set my minds on either FOCAL PS-165 f3 FLAX set or the Rainbow SL-C6.3 PRO Semi-Active set. I am looking forward for your valuable comments/guidance from your experience. Both sets are similarly priced from where I can...
  2. 10" Sub for 310/540W Amp 2 Ohm or 4?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I am looking at a Hertz HX250 or a 250D for a single-sub setup in the Cabin of my car. Wondering if I should use my Amp at 2Ohm with the Dual-coil or 4 Ohm with the single coil. Details: I will have 3-way active front stage running at 35WPC from an Audison AP8.9 DSP. Rear doors will have...
  3. Amplification Advice/Opinions - 3 Way Active Front Stage

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hey everyone, I'm closing in on the last few pieces needed for my new system, and I'm now looking to plan out my amp needs. I'm trying to keep my costs as low as possible, because I'm a broke ass college student :D To give you a bit of an idea for the volume I'm seeking, I'm running 2 Adire...
  4. Help with speaker's power management

    General Car Audio Discussion
    So this is what is going to be instaled in my car , a Daewoo Matiz ( don't laugh :D ) , The Sonys are going onto the back panel , and the Pioneers are going to the front doors . My concern is about the Pioneers , they have 25 watts rms and 130 peak . Sony are 40 watts rms and 190 peak , the...