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  1. ***17" Motegi Rims w/ Bridgestone Tires (NYC)***CHEAP!!***

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    Motegi wheels are in good shape...a couple have scuffs here and there (nothing major). These are 5 lug wheels. The wheels come with 215/45/17 Bridgestone Potenza RE910 All-Season Performance Tires (very good tires, read the reviews) Two tires look new (plenty of thread!) has some...
  2. FS: 20" Moz Tower 5 (Black) with Tires (Lots of Tread) - So Cal

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    FS: 20" Moz Tower 5 (Black) with Tires (Lots of Tread) - So Cal (Under $1k)!! Temporarily not for sale. Will be back available in a week.
  3. Go Back to 20's or Keep the 187s?

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    Well, I have a horrible camber being dropped about 2.5" and riding on 20's.... -2.5 degrees in the front and -2.0 in the rear so I decided to save the tires from inner wear and put the stock back on, but paint them before I do until I get a camber kit. Now....I kinda like the the stock wheels...
  4. New wheels and tires for my car. What do you guys think?

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    Hi guys. I've been wanting to change the stock wheels and tires on my car for quite some time and finally decided to try some. Here are some pictures: A close up. It's a new model called "What to do when you get a flat tire 40 miles from home and you let the key to the wheel locks at...