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  1. Syracuse Customs Spring IASCA show....

    12 Volt Events & Team DIYMA
    We are on- details are as follows April 21st- Saturday we will be hanging out at the shop and doing dinner for anyone in town. Registration is @ 9:30 and the Judging starts at 10AM
  2. End of Summer Showdown w/top 20 SQ Round $$$ prize--Pottsville,PA Sept 16 MECA/IASCA

    12 Volt Events & Team DIYMA
    Lets try and keep this thread on topic as much as possible. It will be updated as we get closer to the date with more and more info. Sept 16, 2012 Union Station Pottsville,PA MECA 3X Regional Event (MD,PA,NY,NJ State Finals) SQL Classes,SQ2,SPL and Show and Shine IASCA 2x event. SQC,IQC...