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  1. Zapco DC500.1 DPN firmware issue?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    OK, so I've had a Zapco DC500.1 for several years now that I bought in preparation for the planned system on my next car. I had no idea that my car search would take so long, but I finally found the car I was waiting on and got my system installed. I was able to install DPN v1.41 and get it...
  2. looking for Zapco DC 1100.1

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Looking for Zapco DC 1100.1 or comparable Arc Audio for similar price (below) I heard a guy who goes by " Shane " has one for approx $ 230 but I couldn't find it. Any leads ? how does 1100.1 compare to 500.1? I think 1100.1 is class AB ? Anyone with any experience ? Thx K J
  3. Need Zapco PsI-SL or PSI-HP

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hi guys I'm installing the new 2013 DC line in my 68 Bronco 1000.4 and 1100.1 with the zapco team helping me on the build being a local and being the test dummy on their new DC line. Any ways I'm using the SX-SL eq to complete this build but since the new DC line is only RCA and no longer...
  4. MECA - Red River Sound-off Trail III - 5/26/2012 - Denison Texas

    12 Volt Events & Team DIYMA
    OK, I know I cheesed on the last one (Sorry guys, no really!)... I was all butt hurt because my amp didn't show up and I was legitimately sick... Either way... I will be at this one FOR SURE 100% no excuses... Event Details Host.............Clutts Customs & SWICC Location........9640 N FM...
  5. Zapco DC Reference Amplifiers 4-way Active Setup

    Car Audio Classifieds
    ZapcoDC Reference 1000.4 1000.4 750.2 All items are used. Products will be shipped with 1-Symbilink transmitter ea. and 1-PS/2 cable ea. Original boxes are included. 1000.4 (first shown, top) 675.00 shipped Gently Used - B This product has been carefully used and shows few, minor signs of use...