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*Disclaimer-this is the first time I have attempted an SQ build. Lots of questions in here!*
I have just recently purchased a new tow pig/daily, 100% stock 2006 Avalanche with Bose. I have finally decided what route that I'm going to go with this build stereo wise. A major reason I got this truck was so that I could fold the mid-gate down and fit 4x8 sheets of whatever and still be enclosed and locked up. Unfortunately this means that I have eliminated most subwoofer box options for myself. With this in mind, I have decided that I would like I would like to try and do an SQ type system. I have never dabbled in an Active set-up or a build with SQ being the goal. I'm aware that I'll have to research into crossover points based on what drivers I get, and am aware of the concept of slopes. I also know that I'll get comments stating that I shouldn't fool with rear fill. I'm looking forward to learning, and expanding my knowledge. After many days of research on here and other sources, I have not yet found anybody that has done 3 Way Front, Rear Fill, AND Subs. Most threads wither have no follow through, or just end with others stating that rear fill has no place anymore.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish; I would like to have 3 way front stage, 2 way rear fill, and a pair of 8" woofers. FRONT STAGE 8" Midbass 6.5" Midrange 1" Tweeter in A-Pillar REAR FILL 6.5" Midrange 1" Tweeter SUBSTAGE 2 Sealed Boxed that measure about .38ft^3 after displacement with typical 8" subwoofers.

What I do know is that; there isn't an active head unit that can control everything that I have planned to run, I'll have to run an active crossover network, DSP is not necessary but preferred for tuning, I'll be utilizing multiple amps, I'll have to get "more technical" with my sound deadening game, and that I'm going to have to rely on some help from you guys.

Do I really need a 10 channel Crossover? Could I run an 8 channel and run the rear fill and sub stage as mono? Do I need both a DSP and a Crossover network? Should I be purchasing my drivers individually or in a set? Will buying either a Crossover network or DSP dictate what head unit and amp I should purchase?

I have been looking for 10 channel Crossovers and have founds things such as the FRX-456, OptiX-10, is this what I should be looking at getting? Also I've been thinking about going with Dayton Audio for the Front and Rear stages, other suggestions? Would the upcoming SD-3 8" make sense for my build?
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