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08 Yukon Denali

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Hello everyone, here are some pics on my ongoing install:

Kenwood DNX-8120
Esotar2 2 way front &sub
Focal 165 coax rear
2x Sinfoni 90x2 front
Soundstream ref300 rear
JLAudio SlashV2 for sub
Audiocontrol DQXS
Singer CAP + Optima Yellow Top

I'm having problems hooking up the oem rear camera, and finding a "true ignition" wire for the aux battery isolator. (Amongst other obstacles) Thanks for any help.

08Denali pictures by tonybat - Photobucket
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Sign up here and post. You'll get more responses then you care for. I'm a member there too.

Denali Trucks
I believe you can get ign. behind the fuse panel on the driver side of the dash. A couple of plastic tabs hold it in place. I usually wire up a relay a use the ignition as the trigger & the 10/12 ga. constant to power up the accessories.
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