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I've always had a hard time wrapping my head around lower sensitivity mids being sandwiched in between high-ish sensitivity midbass (SA-6 w/ 90db @1w) and obviously the ridiculous sensitivity of HLCDs (108 @ 1w for instance). Somehow in there we throw something like the 3.5wm from focal that has 88 @ 2.83v which according to my calculations is ~83db @ 1w/1m. According to its spec sheet we only can throw "max power" of 100w at it which gives us 103db. Not much for dynamic range for our mids.

Granted ... 1khz - 4khz is arguably our most attenuated frequencies, so thus our midrange can be the least sensitive driver in our system. Midbass typically doesn't get the same boost that our subwoofers get from cabin gain, so they really are the ones doing the heavy lifting in terms of sensitivity since they are playing into the 80hz-200hz region which according to most (not all) house curves is where we need to see that rising response and those extra db. We have talked previously and I know that you aren't necessarily a subscriber to the typical house curves that many are using (1/2 whitledge, Audiofrog, etc).

But all this always makes me wonder about sandwiching an average sensitivity mid in between a high sensitivity midbass and an HLCD. I know Mic recommended doing the same thing, so its obviously working for serious competitors. My newb brain just can't grasp it. What am I missing?

Also obviously any good midrange is going to do just fine. Dyn's, Focals, etc. Nobody is complaining about them. It's just them sandwiched in between extreme sensitivity HLCDs and high sensitivity midbass.
i love some good high sensitivity drivers
But I’ve also found I would cut so much from them to get sq because of cone resonance and breakup , although they would get mean loud , at times the con noise would be louder than the detail

so I’m very torn in between where I like to be as far as sensitivity goes

i’ll tell you what though, these new drivers will get plenty loud for me and my goodness they just don’t have any break up at all..... it’s crazy how well behaved they are ..
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