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My heart has been set on getting some Morel or Rainbow comps and a Sundown SA10. Found a shop here that carries Morel and listened to the Virtus 602. Loved them! I had been wondering about Arc amps and subs. Same shop happened to have those too. They had several diff Arc amps setup for show room and they sounded great. I was surprised at the Arc Series 10. So, I'm locked on the Morel Tempo Ultra because of a stellar review on this sight by the simplicity in sound guys. I'm down with the Arc XDIV2 amps. Just need to decide if I want the 5 channel for a single Arc series 10? Or, do I wanna up my game to the 6 channel and bridge to a Sundown SA10? The big unknown for me is the processor? SIS guys are hyping the Mosconi, but I got no clue where to get one? Last, I will be putting some door treatment in place. So, if you got suggest on processors let me hear you.
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