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I'm looking to accomplish 1500-1800watts @ 6-3ohms on three JL audio 12w6v2 subs, in an SQ setup. Ported or Sealed, depending on how much power I can find.

I'd like to go sealed, but if I can only find 1500watts, I'd go ported to be more efficient. But 1800 watts @ 3 ohms seems hard to accomplish.

1500 [email protected] 6ohms is my target is I need to go ported.

I'm currently running 2x W6v2s in 1.7cu' w/ 1kwatt bridged to 4ohm, ported @ 33hz.

I could probably get away with a spec 1.5cu' @ 32.5hz x3 ported, But I'd prefer 1.333cu' x3 sealed.

I also intend to run dedicated 8" mids (JL zr800-cw) either in the bottoms of my front doors, or facing up against the rear window if I get a new car.
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