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16 and 32 gig ipod touch. Rockford 300/1 and more FS

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After converting over 8,000 songs to Apple Lossless and using a W404 in my truck, I have run out of room. I've been bouncing between my 16 and 32 gig and I need to upgrade storage. I am going to sell these to replace them with a 120 gig classic. I will not let the 32 gig go without the 16 selling first.

I know I'm new to this forum, but I have been doing business on the net for years, mostly on high end home theater sites. Here's a list of my feedback for prospective buyers. I can assure you a smooth and seamless transaction from start to finish. :)
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I feel these prices are fair, but feel free to PM me with a reasonable offer. I'm pretty easy to work with. Discounts given on multiple purchases.

1) 1st gen 16 gig Ipod touch. I put a 20.00 screen protector on it almost immediately. The only flaw on this is a few scratches on the chrome backing. To prevent any further scratches I put a nice case on it. I have jailbroken this to allow user customization. Includes charge/sync cable.
175.00 shipped and pp'd.

2) 2nd gen 32 gig touch. After learning my lesson with the nice Apple chrome backing I put a rubber case on it immediately after purchase, as well as another 20.00 screen protector. You might find a couple minor scratches in the backing if you look hard but that's about it. I have also jailbroken this one on 3.0. Includes charge/sync cable as well.
275.00 shipped/pp'd.

3) Rockford Fosgate 300/1. This was in my truck for about 8 months before I sold it. It was powering a Boston G2. I'm not an SPL guy so you can be assured it's had an easy life.
115.00 shipped/pp'd.

4) Audio Control Line Driver. This was purchased new but before install I opted to go with an Imprint unit instead which has a built in line driver.
80.00 shipped/pp'd.

5) Alpine SPX17-ref. I purchased these new from an authorized dealer and installed them in my truck for a week. I then got a wild hair and sold it. These have seen limited use, and were lightly used. Saw 70 wpc at pretty low volume while I had them. I understand my asking price is the same as woofers etc. but these will come with the factory Alpine warranty, not some 2nd party WE warranty. Card has not been filled out and will be included.
240.00 shipped/pp'd.

I might actually decide to keep them and try them active. If anyone has a use for some nice Alpine xovers I'd consider splitting them up. Xovers would have to sell before the speakers however.
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Still available. PM me with a reasonable offer. :)
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