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Just picked up a new(used) 2017 audi q5 for my wife, it has the mmi system in it. I'm wholly unfamiliar with audi or german cars. I have a few things I'm trying to accomplish with it.

She'd like apple car play, saw something on aliexpress so far recommended on fb in an audi group. Is just throwing a headunit in there out of the question while retaining factory controls? Or cost prohibitive?

I think the system is a little light on the low end but sounds good otherwise, does anyone have links to wiring for these? I need to figure out the best way to tap into the factory output for that.

Looking at remote start options, looks like I'm going to need a third keyfob, I've heard getting this from the dealer is about $400, I'm guessing a local locksmith could do this, especially since I don't need the metal portion cut, anyone have experience with this and know if that's true?

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