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Ok, 2 deals.
Geebus I love living next to the Computer Geek HQ.

First off:

Alpha 400 MIPS 400MHz 128MB 1GB 7" Linux Ultralite Notebook Belco ALPHA-400

This is a 400 mhz netbook. Wtf? What good can it do? Well, on the go, do you want to carry your heavy laptop with the possibility of it getting stolen, or do you want some lightweight portable you can surf the net with? Really, who wants to play video games on their laptop any? Go get a real computer.

This thing does Linux, so it may not be as plug and play as most are used to, but it's resource efficient and has 802.11b (Wireless) capabilities. Battery life is about 5 hrs +/-. The fool thing closed is smaller than a sheet of paper.
(1.1 x 8.25 x 5.6-inches)

Next up,

Creative ZEN 2GB USB 2.0 MP4/MP3/ FM/Voice w/2.5" LCD (Black) Creative 70PF216300111-8 ZEN 2GB

Creative Zen. Comes in 1 color: Black.
It may not look all that impressive: 2 gig mp3, video, movie and picture player, along with radio tuner. Well, this thing supports SDHC, expandable memory. I've found and have personally purchased a 16 Gig SDHC memory card for $30; which effectively turns this 2 GIG Zen in to a 18 GIG zen. The only downside is that accessing the storage card is almost a completely different option entirely. The Zen allows for creating playlits, looking artists up by genre and name, etc but when you need that extra space, you have to select the "memory card" option, which only give you the barest of selections: play, view or delete. But then, who cares? 18 GIGs for $60!

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the notebook isn't all that great since you can find deals on some netbooks for around 100 more with much more to offer, like larger drive size, screen size, faster 802.11g and more memory.

the zen is a good deal, I got one for free for doing a favor for someone and you're right about the additional storage being a PITA to access or manage, other then that I like it.
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