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Qty. 3 Power Acoustik 13" Shallow Mount THIN-13 Subwoofers w/rigid cast basket and only 2" mounting depth required. Sold individually or as a set. Designed to be used where normal subwoofers cannot fit.

Open box, like new. Carefully stored for over a decade waiting for the right build. Less than 2 hours gentle play time on one speaker, 0 hours on the others, and no, I don't know which is which. The one was used in prototype enclosures for testing purposes in a truck that I ended up needing to sell before I could finish. The foam surrounds are supple with no evidence of dryness or fatigue; these have been stored double boxed with the outer box taped shut in a garage that is heated during winter and well-ventilated during summer.

$50 each + $35 total shipping (continental US) regardless of quantity. Further $15 discount if you buy all three. This basically means if you buy 2 or more I'll eat the shipping costs. Prices include PayPal fees for remote buyers.

Shipped: $85 for one, $135 for two, $170 for three.
Local pickup, 20164: $50 for one, $100 for two, $135 for three.

Subjective comments:
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Subjective comments:
A very unique speaker - very shallow, in fact nearly impossible to find a subwoofer this shallow. Can play in impossibly small enclosures... see next post..., but T/S parameters also indicate that it could be used in an IB arrangement, provided you limited power input. (Imagine a subwoofer that is only the depth of your baffle, with no trunk storage sacrificed!)

High QTS at .632, moderate XMAX at 9mm - will offer further thoughts on that in a moment. Build quality appears to be quite good for a consumer-grade subwoofer. Oversized foam surround should safely allow excursion to the full XMAX distance and a little beyond. Pole venting means you should allow at least 1/8 to 1/4" (3 to 6mm for my Canadian friends) behind the magnet, which on this speaker effectively limits you to 2" depth. They achieve this with a partially convex speaker cone, a 2.5" voice coil to increase power handling without adding depth, and a single-stack but oversized magnet for the motor structure mounted within the basket. With this much engineering acrobatics, you are bound to end up with a slightly odd speaker, but during my testing I found that it in fact works, and quite well.

While Power Acoustik rated the speaker as 700 watts max, and a relatively low sensitivity at ~83.8 dB @ 1w/1m, I powered one of these briefly off of a 200 watt Xtant amplifier (probably more like 250-300 watts RMS) and that seemed to really put the subwoofer in its sweet spot. So these can be run nicely off a small bridged 2-channel for a single sub, or a reasonably small monoblock can power 2 or 3 of them.

Special notes:
These really can play in impossibly small enclosures. Here are the two that I tested:

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(Note, Power Acoustik does recommend 1.25 CF sealed or 1.75, but it is stamped on the back of the motor structure that it "works in 0.5 CF" - which prompted me to test these micro-enclosures.

If you'd like my first-hand listening impressions, read here, but in summary I was getting acceptable efficiency and quite punchy bass out of the smallest vented enclosure I've ever built - 0.31 CF net. The sealed enclosure was similarly punchy at 0.46 CF net, if anything, a bit more subdued on the top end. Obviously one cannot expect miracles from a box this small, but both options were adequate for a Ford Supercab pickup at ~250 watts RMS, and I'm sure 2 or 3 of these and a few more watts would really do the job nicely.