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1949 Tube Radio Speaker

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So I have a 1949 Chevy truck that I'm restoring a radio for. It's a Delco 986443 AM-only tube radio with a built in speaker. So far I have converted it from 6v to 12v and recapped it. Right now I'm working on converting it to FM/BT/AUX. The original speaker is obviously toast, so I'm looking for a replacement 4 ohm 6x9. Power doesn't really matter but the radio's output tube is a 12v6gt which I believe is 12W.

It seems to me that I should be looking for a high-sensitivity driver that plays as wide a frequency range as possible, as flat as possible, although I have no idea what frequency range an AM tube radio can play. It also has to fit in the enclosure, which is the hard part. The original speaker had a 3" bottom mount depth, with the magnet making up 1" of that. The magnet is a 1.5"x1.75" and sits inside a 4" square in the chassis. The speaker basket is also pretty small and already gets close to some of the electrical components:

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I've been looking at the JL C1-690x for its 94db sensitivity and because it allegedly plays 39-22,000 Hz. There's also the C1-690tx which is a 3-way coax instead of 2 and should theoretically have better mids, but I'm not sure if it'll fit. The yellow cone isn't great but I haven't seen a better driver that seems to have a small enough basket/magnet.

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Should I just find a barebones paper 6x9? Use an adapter and run a wideband? Switch to 6.5" driver? I'm open to ideas...


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This looks like it shoud fit. View attachment 338814
I think it might, and it's nice and shallow which helps with the bottom mounting. I'll try the FaitalPRO first and see if I run into problems.
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