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I'm celebrating the 20th anniversary of ownership of a 1966 MBZ 250SE coupe.

I did the last system install 15 years ago and now want to get back to originality.
My last install, I stealthed the HU in the glove box, added two 10" IB Hella Beat woofers to the rear deck, 6" sweedish (forgot the name) mids in the kick panels, sweedish (again)tweeters in the A pillars, powered by a sherwood xa2200 2channel amp.

The system worked but...I had to upgrade the alternator from 30amps to 55amps...which then lasts about 3years before it blows. The SQ was Ok...mids and highs good, the bass muddy, loose and no punch..

My plan now is get back to the origins. I am replacing the HU with a period Becker Europa II stereo radio, removing the free air subwoofers to reclaim the original look in the trunk and isolate the interieur from the trunk, change the amp to a more efficient unit, and use second skin dampening around.

My questions are this:

I am interested in purchasing one single 10 inch low profile subwoofer, install on one side of the rear deck in a custom sealed box, (even though I could recut for a 12" or reinstall a pair) such as:

MB Quart 10" DVC low profile
SB Accoustis SW26DAC76-4 10" shallow
Earthquake Sound SWS-10X
S-10TD powerbase DVC
pioneer TS-SW2501s4 shallow mount 10"
memphis 10" shallow 4ohm 15-sc10d4
diamond audio 10" s104
alpine swr-t10
dayton 10" RS010
BM MkIII shallow mount 10

For the amp, I am thinking a class D would be less taxing on the alternator or even a hybrid a/b D...some of the ones I am considering are:

JL Audio HD

Some of the questions that I need help with are:
1. Are any of the shallow mount 10's more efficient than others (need a smaller amp)?? Any opinions what I should choose for SQ?
2. Which amp should I choose that won't tax my alternator and not suffer SQ. In this install would a 5 channel be more logical than a separate amp for the sub and another for the highs/mids?
3. Should I consider any equalizers, external crossovers, Digital processors, or plan to use what is built into the amp.
4. The HU has a radio preamp line lever output without the volume control. Or if I use speaker level outputs on this radio am I loosing alot? Will the high lever input on the amp be sufficient?
5. Should I purchase a subwoofer to run at 4 ohm or 2 ohm? Is DVC important?

SQ is important to me. In an earlier life I was a classical violinist and love the highs. Budget wise, I'm willing to pay if there is a real return...but am not esoteric to reach to the moon… (most of the time I listen to NPR)...

Poisson Cru
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