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I am new to this forum/website so I am sorry if this is not the specific place to post this.

I have a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix SE I am currently fixing up, and would like to try to keep the original stereo installed, but also have a small single din stereo (for stuff like bluetooth/aux and better audio quality) right beneath air control unit. Underneath is a small hole big enough to fit one inside and the back side opens up underneath the cabling. In theory I could have the cables running from original stereo down through the hole in the back and connect to the single din stereo. I have already taken the original one out and used a single din stereo, and although the sound quality was already way better than the original, the look of it was pretty meh so I took it out and put the original one back in.
My question is, what do I need to do this? What equipment/wires do I need to have both headunits working at the same? This sounds like such a frivolous thing but honestly the interior of the car just looks so much better with OE stuff and the stereo was, sadly, no exception. I don't mind putting in the work if it is possible, but if it's not then just let me know.
Thank you for any advice that you can give.
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