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Product Brand & Model: MMATS D500.2

Condition of all items: This MMATS D500.2 is the same amp as the D500.1 except this amp only drops down to 2 ohm whereas the D500.1 drops down to 1 ohm. That's why it has the .2 instead of the .1 in the model number. This is a one channel class D mono block amplifier and is always low pass so it's for subs only. The low pass crossover is fully adjustable and it also has a fully adjustable bass boost set at 45Hz. The gain dial, crossover dial and bass boost dial all turn smoothly as they should. It comes with all the original screws for the power, remote turn on and speaker outputs. This amp was made in 1999 and for going on 18 years old it's in good condition as you can see by my detailed pictures. You can also see by my circuit board picture it's 100% original inside. It's in 100% working condition.

Rated power:
250x1 watts RMS at 4 ohm
500x1 watts RMS at 2 ohm

Total Price: : $125 shipped. Paypal only.

Shipping Terms: : Free shipping. USPS Priority mail insured with tracking

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