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I haven't read much of this thread, but I do find some viewpoints intriguing. A company who shall remain nameless was very dissatisfied with a few articles that went up on AudioJunkies about cables. My point isn't necessarily that there are no differences between cables, but rather, that there is little to no scientific backing to what sounds good and what doesn't. Here are my main questions for any and all wire manufacturers.

1. What are the measurable differences between one wire and another? Basically, what are we really looking at to determine which one is better?
2. What creates these differences?
3. Who is doing the leading industry research on the interpretation of these differences? Using loudspeakers as a correlary, who are the Geddes, Klippel, O'Toole, etc. of the wire world?
4. How is quality assurance performed? If the differences between this wire and that wire are immeasurable (as I have heard some claim), then how do you ensure that production run #1 is as good as production run #7409?

I am more than willing to entertain the concept that there may be differences...even audible differences...from one cable to another, but I ask that as a manufacturer, you quantify these differences, which is something I have never seen anyone objectively review.
81 - 83 of 83 Posts
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