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hey i need help deciding on subs, i currently own a 12W6v2 running off a alpine mrp-m500, the sub sounds good and is loud but it just doesnt hit the way id like. My questions are
1. Will 2 10" W3v3 running 300watt rms each, be louder than 1 12" w6v2 at 500 watts?(both setups will be sealed)
2. How low CAN these 10s go, while still maintaining mid-higher notes?
Basically what is the average frequency range of a 10" sub vs a 12"?
i hear people say oh well a 12 can hit lower, but what exactly is lower? i dont listen to much music under 30-35hz, what are your guys opinions on these subs and 10" vs 12", should i go for the 2 10s? i hear people say they will sound more crisp and clean, but not go as low.
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