Items: Audiofrog (1) Used GB60, (1) BNIB/(1) Used GB10, (1)BNIB GB25/(1) Used GB25, (1)BNIB GB15/(1) Used GB15
Price-$2600 Friends and Fam/Or will split down to 3 way set plus individual sets if I get buyers
Shipping: Negotiable
Additional Info: This is just a feeler for now so I can gauge interest until I get my BLAM audio 3 way in. I will also sale a 3 way with the GB60, GB25, & GB10 and sale the extra sets individually. The used speakers are in excellent condition and will come with all the mounting hardware. Will add pics later. I have been on diyma for over 10 yrs and use to have over a 100+ itrader feedback score when we use to have itrader. Thank you.