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(2) Pair of A/D/S 12" 312rs/4 Subwoofer 4 sale [B]SOLD[/B]

well Id like to try something new so here we go

I have a pair of SUPER SQ , a tad SQL, if you can give them 1-1.25 cuft

id put them up there with any of the more musical subs on the market IMO

just want to try something new thats all, iie center console sub in my truck [Smile]

Ive had them for maybe 6 months, I'm the original owner, I have all the orignal boxes,and plastic

they are at least 8/10, with the negative being some sawdust the cones and magnets are MINT

ill have pics up tonight

anyway SOLD or any reasonable best offers

i have great feedback, heatware and ebay

heres the spec link

if have any questions let me know

Ill wait a few days then Ill just put them on ebay

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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