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To power my active 3 way front stage which employs Hybrid Audio L6, L4, and L1V2's which would be best for SQ/SQL?
2) PPI Art A600.2's
1) A404.2


2) Mmats SQ4160's

I have a choice between those amps.

Do the Mmats amps compare to the PPI Arts in terms of SQ? The Mmats are beastly amps, make plenty of power (160 x 4 RMS each) but I can't help wondering if the PPI amps would sound better? People often argue that it is difficult to make out differences of SQ between good A/B amps..

If I do decide to run the Arts, I was thinking an A600.2 to the L6 and an A600.2 to the L4 and finally 2 channels off the A404.2 to the tweeters, would leave an extra set of channels for center or rear fill? BTW, I would have to have 1 channel on the A600.2 repaired which is why I haven't been able to do an A/B comparison just yet..

With the Mmats amps, I could bridge the 1 amp to show the L6 300 RMS per side then the other amp as a 4 channel 160 x 4 to the L4 and L1V2's. This would afford plenty of headroom for peaks and I most definitely wouldn't get any clipping..

Or I could just show the L6 160 x 2, and have an extra set of channels left over..

What would you guys do? Anyone with hands on experience with both amp types that can chime in on this?
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