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2 Q'S: need dual ported 10" box (individual for each sub) and need box built for amp

Need a box built for 2 10" subs.

They need 1.0 ported each.

I would like the box to be individually sealed for each sub. Mainly because I only have one of the subs right now, and also in case I blow one and only have one to use.

Would this work?

I had a dual 12" old school audiobahn box, each one was sealed individually and this was great.

secondly, I would like to build a simple box or cover for the wires for an RF P 500-2 amp to protect the wires (mainly just RCA's though) since it's in the cargo hold under the back

I've got some ideas but would like some input on people who have done it before

semi-related: I have one of these subs (500w rms, dual 4 ohm) running on 125w rms @ 4 ohm per coil and it hits plenty hard.

My plan is to run each sub on 250w rms @ 2 ohms - any thoughts on performance of this way vs what I have now?
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