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Hi all, I have a Lexus GX470 custom system - everything is behind a Zapco DSP.

I am looking for front speakers, focused on SQ. I'll initially be driving them with my Zapco 100wx4 RMS amp. Price point is $500. I have a badass custom sub+enclosure in the back and it's overpowering my front speakers.

I currently have a Lexus GX470, with factory Mark Levinson COMPONENT 3-way 6x9, mid, and tweeter. Note these are 8 ohm. Since I have an aftermarket amp, I'd prefer 4 ohm, 3 ohm, 2 ohm speaker networks.

There are so many options. I could go with a 3-way-upgradable (from 2-way) setup like Infinity Perfect 900 + 3.5". I could go with a 6.5" Focal system, but 3-way is more like $1200. Hell, since I have a DSP, I could go with a 2-way 6x9 setup like the JBL, Infinity, or Image Dynamics, and tune out the harsh tweeter.

Ease of install is probably just as important as SQ for me. I don't want to create a new door panel. I understand the 6x9 depth is 3.5" approx.

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