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Hello people, been racking my brain for a while on going bigger with my system, this is my setup in my Vw caddy
Kenwood unit with apple CarPlay (tidal hifi)
Audison voce 1” tweeters
Audison voce 3” mids
Audison voce 6.5 door woofers
Audison voce coaxial 6.5 in the back
2 x JL AUDIO 8w7 in 2 separate ported boxes tuned to 35hz
2 x xfire 4 channels running all 8 speakers
2 x xfire mono blocks running subs
All through an Audison bit Nove DSP, running fully active with no crossovers.

firstly I’m a big fan of the 8w7’s they hit hard and musically sound great, I use to be a bass head and now approaching 40 my latest setup is definitely more sq, I’m more than happy with it but the old bass head is creeping back and I’m looking for something sub wise that drops a little lower, I don’t want to be having new batteries, alternator etc. So do I go for one 13w7 ported or one 12w7 in Ho box? Or stick with my 2 x 8w7’s?
Any feedback welcome

cheers 👍
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