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Hey Guys,

Lets kick this off with a bang. 20% off sale on all Incriminator Amps and 10% off all Incriminator Speakers/Subs. No catches, not stipulations.

Showtime Electronics Car Pro DJ Retailer

Hop on our site and use the following codes:

ICA20 - Incriminator Amps
ICA10 - Incriminator Speakers/Subs

As an added bonus for our CACO and DIYMA members, when you purchase an IA20.1, you have a choice of one of these items absolutely free:

IA65- Incriminator
Incriminator Audio I65 6.5' 6-1/2 85W Coaxial Pair of Car Audio Speakers+Grilles

STCA-1 - 1/0 AWG Power/Ground Cable in Blue, Frosted Silver, Black
Showtime Electronics Car Pro DJ Retailer
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