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Trying to build a nice sq setup have a lot of high quality amps and audio laying around most of what I collected over time but here is what I have setup now
set jl c-2 650 6.5 componets
set jl c-2 690 6'9 coaxials
2 jl 12w6v2 subs in a slot port down fired about 4 inches from floor tuning 33hz
1 jl 1000/1v1 amp
1 jl 300/4v2 amp
alpine 9886 hu with imprint hxa box
upgraded alt and bat
all top line monster cable interconects

now I have another 12w6v2 wanting to add it maybe put them in sealed box just need some ideas sounds good now but should sound better I think also have a ppi pc 4100 which sounds amazing but needs repaired ppi art a300 soundstream class a10.0 soundstream rubi 1002 pioneer deq 9200 eq and purple us amps 100 which im having problem identifiying no crossover on it wondering what your ideas are on which amps to use and wondering if I should get better front comps and go with 3 way since I have time alinement also next step is to use sound deadining looking for sq and also want to crank it listen to all sorts of music also looking for a good box idea down firing, sealed, ported, ect, for the subs also how should I use the imprint software since only have a 2 seater thank you much and have 2 mmats 12 pro audio 3.0 subs from 99
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