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2001 Honda Accord EX

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Thinking I will start posting pictures of progress I have made on my Accord thus far, over the next few days.

Here is a little background info to start. My first frustration with car audio happened back in 1992 while installing my first Alpine head unit in the driveway of my parents home in the pouring rain at night. Since then I have tinkered around here and there with car audio. About a year ago I started to get a little more serious and installed a stealth system in my Suburban. Gas prices rose, time for Suburban to be sold!

Decided what a great opportunity to start over with what I had learned from the Suburban and apply and expand on my Accord. This project started initially in August 2008, and I hadn’t been in any hurry until my Suburban sold 2 weeks ago. Hope to finish in the next couple of weeks.

First started with gutting the entire interior:




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Sound Deadening:

If there was metal in applied a minimum of one layer of RaaMmat and Ensolite. Ordering from Rick over at raamaudio is a breeze. Even though I have used him before its shocking how quick he ships.

An observation, on my next vehicle I think I would start with a sludge or Mooble's elastomeric goo down first. Next time I’ll use luxury liner too.

Unfortunately I had a computer crash and lost many of my pictures documenting my build. Not pictured is the doors. I applied three layers of RaaMmat to the inside of the outer shell of the doors, one layer to the outside of the inner shell of the door, and two layers to the inside of the inner shell. In addition I used a metal screen material to cover most of the door holes and covered that with a couple layers of RaamMat then added Ensolite over the entire door.

Floorboards covered RaaMmat:

Part way through on Roof:

Trunk covered in RaaMmat (it also has a layer of Ensolite but no pictures):

Under Rear Deck:

Rear Deck Trim Panel added RaaMmat for weight and Ensolite to help with rattles:

Drivers side floor boards covered in Ensolite (you can see 0 gauge wire too):
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I like the deadening job, that thing is going to be quite!
Good times!! It does look quite familiar. Let me know if you come across anything or need help. I've had my 98 four door stripped to do the same thing. I'll be interested to see how you bring it along.
Problems installing my CDT ES-6’s into the doors. First the speaker would not match up with the door card opening. I had to make some minor changes to the door by cutting the stock location a little larger. If this wasn’t enough the speakers were too deep and wouldn’t let the window roll down. I had to cut the stock speaker grill off the door card.

Initial baffle fitted to door:

Traced area where door needed to be cut with magic marker:

Cutting hole larger with my trusty jig saw:

Hole finally cut and sharp edges sanded down:

New baffle affixed to the door:

GREAT SUCCESS speaker finally installed:

I have made some changes and will post these in the next day or two…
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I like the deadening job, that thing is going to be quite!
Thanks for the compliment! Not only is this thing quite it feels so much more solid.

I had recently been shopping with the wife for a new car and we test drove some BMW's, Audi's, Mercedes, before settling on a VW. I have to say not one of the was as quite as my ride!
Nice work man. I know what you mean about Rick and the shipping. He is great to deal with.
Here are some pictures of wiring that I have done. I put a circuit breaker right off the battery and ran 0 gauge down the Drivers side to the trunk into a fused distribution block. RCA’s ran down Passengers side, and speaker wire ran from trunk to doors. All wire from Head unit is an Alpine 9887 running active. Eventually I would like to purchase an Audison Bit One!

Everything but RCA wires has been tech flexed, shrink wrapped and labeled. I found the the 1/4 in tech flex from parts express fit everything except the 0 gauge.

First pictures are test fitting the 0 guage power

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Pictures of Power run down driver side. RCA's run down passenger side and speaker wire run.

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A picture of the 9887 and iPod and all the spaghetti coming out the trunk!

Spaghetti coming out the trunk

Rats Nest

Cleaned up with iPod
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Good work,
Have same car, so look forward to this. (my cars RHD though)
Techflex that bish! No seriously, you have a sharp edge there. Over time it will cut into the insulation and you could potentially have a very nasty short. Either wrap the wire in something or put something around the lip of the firewall.
i dont know what u call it..that raised 'beam' on the floor where the air ducts pass tru and where u've got holes to fasten ur seat to..

u made a good decision not to deaden and insulate it.. getting the carpet back on can be a REAL pain, i learned the hard way :laugh:
So far, looking good. Please let us know how much quieter it gets after you do all this. I have an 03 Accord now and had an older Honda and found that there is alot of noise in the car. I haven't deadening anything or used ensolite but it's my list of plans. I've heard mixed reviews, but since your car is a Honda and you're doing a thorough job - your input would be better.
Great! Another person doing same gen as my 02'(we even have same color interior). I'm definitely going to watch this build closely for tips. Btw Partsexpress has bigger ga techflex in stock right now. What brand foam mat is that one floor? where did you get it from?
Nice! im about to start on my 98 sedan soon. im taking tons of notes on your deadning job!
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