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Trying to plan a system - need some help/suggestions

2001 Silverado reg. cab, limited install space
leaning towards Focal 165 v30 in doors
not sure on rear pillars yet, 4x6 factory, 4" coaxial?
pair of JL 10w1v2
all powered by JL XD700/5
Alpine CDA-117

Realistically how much power do I need for the 165v30's, is the 75x2 going to be enough or should I bridge the channels for 200x2 and is that going to be to much? Power the rears off the deck?

I planned on going passive, not much experience with active but love to learn and play with it.

I also see a set of Esotar2 650 in the classified, if I go that route I would have to go active, recommendations?

I would really like do a quality system, but am very limited on space, I don't want to break the bank but I want it done right and mostly stock appearance if possible.

Any suggestions or point me in the direction of a similar install would be very helpful. I don't have any "real" shops near me to do any sound comparisons and I don't really trust anybody nor have the money to pay somebody for the level of quality I would care for and can do myself.

This started out as a power question on the 165v30's, if this is in the wrong section, mods please move. Thanks

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The XD700/5 has bandpass x-overs built in, and you have the 117 so you can easily go with an active front stage. I would recommend you try that, and just run the rears off the HU power.

If you are close to Detroit at all, you could check out Cartunes. They are a big JL dealer.
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