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So, this is nowhere near an audiophile setup, but here goes... :)

I'm going to be upgrading a 2002 Frontier king cab with a ~$150-160 bluetooth enabled deck (i'm leaning towards a Pioneer since I can low-pass the rear speaker outs) and a pair of door speakers. The truck came with a 6" woofer in the doors and a tweeter in the a-pillar. The door speakers are shot - twelve years of heat and humidity have caused terminal decay in the surrounds and diaphrams - but the tweeters still work and seem to roll off around 4kHz (somewhat crude cell-phone RTA and pink noise test) and don't seem to be too harsh to listen to.

I was going to get some Polk 6 1/2" co-ax, but for about the same money I could get Dayton or Silver Flute component woofers and use the factory tweeter. The Silver Flute seems to be more efficient than the Dayton, but would either of them work on deck power alone; the truck is unlikely to get amps of any kind. I'm not sure about running two sets of tweeters (Polk + factory) although I could put a resistor in-line to the pillar tweeter to add a bit of ambiance and get the image up out of the foot wells.

Am I over thinking and complicating things too much?
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