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Sold the LR3 so the wife is back to driving the 2003 4Runner. Many of speakers are breaking down and the 6-disc is busted. So she has tasked me with upgrading.

Goals of the upgrade:

1) Working CD Player
2) USB/Aux Input
3) Double DIN
4) Replaced Subwoofer (factory just rattles)
5) Replaced Front speakers (door mid-basses, door tweets, dash if needed)
6) Keep Existing Amp
7) With 115k miles, i am looking to minimize cost to make it usable, nothing more/less

Plan on Purchasing:

1) Kenwood/JVC D-DIN Deck (this seems to be the easy part - 4v per recommendation on interface
2) PAC TATO Interface
3) PAC Steering interface
4) Metra/Best D-DIN Kit
5) 8" Sub - DVC 2ohm per - shallow
6) 6.5 Components
7) Scosche 6x9 to 6.5 speaker adapters (4Runner)
8) Single Dash speaker - unknown

Challenges (looking for feedback)

1) 4V output on HU per recommendation for interface (should be fine)
2) Sub - 2ohm dual voice coil with 3" clearance (ugh, only one i found so far is the Rockford new 8" slim DVC 2-ohms per - looked everywhere)
3) Components - not understanding the processing of the JBL i suspect it crosses over, no idea what freq so i will have to install the components without the cross over (i'll play the lotto the same day)
4) Dash - I assume the JBL will take the 4-chan output is still process some sound to this speaker - may have to replace as the cone is cracked. this is where i start thinking about a complete rewire and buy an amp.

Have not found a good reference to the JBL amp outside of the 4Runner wire diagram. Any input/thoughts on the above is appreciated.


HU - $300
JBL interface - $54
Steering Interface - $50
DIN kit - $15
6x9t6.5 Speaker Adapters - $20
Components - $120
Sub - $120
Dash - $50
Install - $250
Total - $1000

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I previously owned a 4runner, exact same year and trim level as yours. You are having all the same problems I had with mine. Just going to give you a heads up on a few things I encountered over the 3 years I owned mine.

The JBL system was a pain to integrate anything into it. It uses a proprietary data-bus that runs from the head unit to the amplifier module in the back, attached to the sub enclosure. Someone (unsure of manufacturer) had finally came out with an integration module in the $150 range right before I traded mine in. Previously, there was a $50-$75 module available, but did not work with the top of the line JBL system that I had, which it seems you have as well. Most people used to elect to just bypass the whole system and start over from scratch. I never got that far.

When you change out the speakers, some of the factory speakers are 4 ohm drivers and some are 2 ohm drivers. The factory amp was rather sensitive (in my personal experience) to changes in impedence loads. Even with the 10 speaker set-up, there are only like 6 outputs on the factory amp to drive them all, some are wired together on one channel.

The dash requires a specific 4runner limited dash kit versus the standard, sport, and SR5 models. The trim piece around the radio is different, believe it or not. I have a dash kit for mine I never used, if you're interested.:D

I had infinity kappa 3.5 speakers in the stock door tweeter location, infinity kappa 6x9 in the lower front doors (both of which were the 2 ohm models to match factory ohm load) and a pair of infinity reference 6.5 shallow mounts in the rear doors. The center channel on the dash and the rear surrounds use the same speaker as the door tweeter from the factory, but rather than replace them, I just turned mine off on the head unit. I used an ED 9kv.2 dual 2 ohm, invert mounted in the factory box. or, something along those lines had a wealth of info on everything to do with the issues you will encounter. Anything else I can help with, just ask.

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I had the factory wiring diagram for the jbl synthesis system on my hard drive somewhere, but cannot find it now. It came from the above referenced website, though.
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