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2004 Hyundai Sonata GLS budget install

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With some help from thedavel, We tackled my co-workers car this weekend. Simple enclosure int he trunk, amp, and front components.

Dayton 1" tweets

Dayton 6.5"s



The amp was installed under the steering wheel signal sensing off the stock HU for now. My co-working is still deciding which aftermarket HU to buy.

First picture is of the front door removed. I had to run new speaker wire in to the door. Best way to do that is to remove the door and use the stock molex plug and wire loom.

Second picture is soldering extension wires to the amps signal sensing wires. I used Cat5 wire in this instance. It had 4 pairs of wires which is exactly what I needed.

Third Picture is of the front of the enclosure with the sub installed.

4th picture is of the rear of the enclosure. All seams were bondo glassed on the inside.

Final picture is of the sub enclosure installed with the beauty panels.


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